We spend 90.000 hrs on work in life.

Next to our job, we spend a lot of hours on social life, and just things that need to be done. We often forget to take enough time for ourselves. Maybe we go to the gym or do another workout, maybe not. But, do we take some time now and then do disconnect? Do we get off our phones, iPads, TVs, laptops?

Many people are stressed, or working their way up to a burn-out.

Relaxing the body and mind is very important. We often tend to forget that. Especially in our current society, where everything and everyone is going fast and faster. Taking some time to be mindful can really help you to calm down, to release some stress or tension. Or to just simply create more balance in your life. You’d like to walk around smiling and feeling happy, wouldn’t you?

A serious burn-out = 242 sick days.

Think about it. A serious burn-out takes up to 242 sick days, on average! What would you say if we could avoid that? We could not only save a lot of money altogether, but more importantly a lot of energy and good health. Yoga can play an important role in working differently and bringing those numbers down. Focusing on a positive mindset, finding a balance in work/life, and simply relaxing the body & mind. Just a few benefits of yoga.

Living a stress-free, happy, balanced, and healthy life is very important to us, as it should be to you and your employees / colleagues. Malu Yoga would love to pay a visit to your office, company, organisation, or team. We offer workshops where we combine a yoga practice with information about vitality and living a balanced and stress-free (office) life.

Team Yoga online (via Microsoft Teams or similar)
Prices depend on the group size and expectations.
Starting at:
€60,- for 30 mins
€80,- for 45 mins
€95,- for 60 mins
excl. 21% TAX

Like to request a quote? Send an email to info@maluyoga.nl and we’ll get back to you asap.